What is the .mkv file extension

What is the .mkv file extension
File format .mkv is an analog of containers such as .avi, .mov,

🤓 What is .mkv?

  • File format .mkv is an analog of containers such as .avi, .mov, and similar, developed by the project “Matroska”. It can store subtitles and supports several compression algorithms.

📌 How to open the .mkv file?

  • To ensure correct reproduction .mkv on the computer using the regular Windows Media Player, take care of the Matroska Directshow plugin. In most cases, it is much easier to use similar players, such as Kmplayer or Winamp, which contain a regular set of codecs to open the format .mkv.

📚 Details about the .mkv file.

  • The format has become more popular with devices on the obsolete Symbian operating system. In most cases, the Core Media Player utility was required to open such files.

  • The format .mkv has received praise from HD fans rather quickly, as it has a good video and audio dynamic. If a user needs to convert MKV, one of our converters can do this.

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