What is the .lnk file extenion

What is the .lnk file extenion
The LNK file is a shortcut that is used as a link for a certain file.


🤓 What is .lnk?

  • The LNK file is a shortcut that is used as a link for a certain file. Basically, this file format will refer to programs that have the .exe. File extension. .lnk, will contain data about the object type and its start attributes.

📌 How to open the .lnk file?

  • In the Windows Vista operating system, as well as in Windows 7, users may be confronted by the fact that the labels become the same externally, while LNK can only be opened with certain software. This problem is caused by a file association violation. The problem is solved by installing the Unassociated File Types utility for Microsoft Windows. After starting the program, you should select the extension from the list. .lnk and pressing the key to removing the file association by restarting the computer, opening the LNK file can be the usual way.

📚 Details about the .lnk file.

  • The LNK format can also carry data about the work folder as well as the size of the window to be opened, which information can be used by different system files. Often, this type of file is automatically generated by the programs during the installation process, but the extension of the LNK file can be created manually by right-clicking on a file or a blank area of the desktop and choosing to create a shortcut.

  • The file is extended by LNK, quite often duplicates the target file icon and differs from it the arrow symbol located in the left bottom of the icon. The label file is no different from its original file.

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