What is the .docx file extension

What is the .docx file extension

What is the .docx file extension
The DOCX file (with Microsoft Word Document) is a document created in one of Microsoft Word’s most popular software packages.

🤓 What is .docx?

  • Replacement of the old format .doc with the new format .docx caused problems for users using older versions of Microsoft Office, or those using office packages from Microsoft. These users cannot work with the new format files because their software is not shared with the new Office Open XML specification files.

📌 How to open the .docx file?

  • If you want to open the file. docx, which was created in Microsoft Office 2007, and you have an installed package of senior office programs on your computer, then you need to install a compatibility package with new file formats. This package can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website.

📚 Details about the .docx file.

  • With the release of MS Office 2007, Microsoft introduced new file formats for office documents, including .docx (Microsoft Word document) .xlsx (Microsoft Excel document), .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint document). New office document package storage formats base on the Office Open XML specification. Such files are an ordinary zip archive containing text in XML format, graphics, and other office document data.

  • New office document formats were created to replace the old binary formats used in office packages up to and including Microsoft Office 2003. And starting with Microsoft Office 2007, new default file formats.

🗜 Popular file conversions.

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