What is the .bat file extension

What is the .bat file extension
The BAT extension file is an ordinary text file that has been saved with the .bat.

🤓 What is .bat extension?

  • BAT file is a DOS command file that executes commands via a Windows command line called “cmd.exe”. The BAT extension file is an ordinary text file that has been saved with the .bat. In MS-Dos and Windows operating systems, this type of file is recognized as a package file. Thus, the BAT file format applies a scripting programming language and works as a command file.

📌 How to open .bat file?

  • It is possible to create BAT manually, in addition to the user being able to edit bath files themselves in order to automate certain tasks together with repeated execution of certain operations. You can create a BAT file in a standard text editor, just save the BAT extension.

📚 Details about the .bat.

  • The BAT format contains certain linear commands. The use of the BAT file is common at the startup of various programs, and the data packet files may be necessary to control the utilities responsible for Windows system maintenance.

  • If a user encounters similar file extensions in their computer downloaded from third-party resources, it is recommended to pre-test them with an antivirus complex because an unknown Batch File may contain a virus threat.

  • Even today, the BAT format is considered very common among system administrators, because the .bat file allows executing the given tasks fairly quickly and comfortably. In Windows, BAT files are used to perform operations involving moving, copying, and deleting files and directories.

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