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  • Given the fact that xls format is outdated and irrelevant for the current version of Microsoft Excel, as new standards are considered more universal and independent from editors, dedicated users are increasingly converting xls into pdf. This allows them to get rid of the discomfort when viewing such a file, as well as transferring it. For these purposes, many xls converter pdfs have been developed today, but now we will try to convince you that the choice should be made in our favor:

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  • 1) Price. We offer all of our services absolutely free of charge and do not require registration or subscription. You are free to convert from xls to pdf as many times in a row as you like. 2) Confidentiality. We clean all our servers without creating extra copies, immediately after each conversion of xls to pdf. But we do not stop there: at the moment we are developing the same functionality on the browser side, so that in the future you have ability to make a choice as to how it is more convenient for you to work. 3) Design. You have an option to utilize our pdf xls converter both on a tablet and on a smartphone or computer. This will increase your productivity, since such small actions will be available even on the road. 4) Simplicity. On the same web page you can not only convert a xls to pdf, but also presentations and docks. To do this, you do not need to look for additional funds, because everything is collected in one place

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  • When it comes to using our xls to pdf converter, we are not much different from our competitors: choose any file, wait a few tedious seconds, download the result.

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