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🤓 How to convert a ppt to a pdf?

  • PDF has several advantages over Microsoft PowerPoint. It is completely independent of the operating system, viewer, or version. If you convert your presentation to PDF, the formatting of the slides is preserved at its best, this helps protect your intellectual property. That is, no one is able to copy or save any objects from your project because the above mentioned standard is difficult to correct in any way. Also, conversion from ppt to pdf allows you to better protect your projects by putting a password on them or placing a watermark on each page.

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  • There are many converter from ppt to pdf now, all of which are mostly different in design and price. If the first point is of little interest to most of the audience, the second is the main, significant point. For example, on our web service you do not need to register, make a temporary free subscription or wait for a certain period of time between file format changes.

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  • All you have to do to convert from ppt to pdf is to download the desired file from your hard drive, from the cloud or drag and drop with your mouse. Then we display the icon of the selected document and its name, this is done so that you be sure of the correctness of your choice and do not wait for the end of the transformation in vain. Here you are able to press the button, which launches ppt conversion to pdf itself. At this stage, you send a request to our server, where we carefully choose the indents of the future document, shades and fonts, so that the initial pdf from ppt is no different from the original. At the end, you can save the source to your local computer or use any of our integrations.

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