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🤓 How to save an excel in pdf?

  • Many people think that Excel is just about tables. But it is not. This software is needed, first of all, for calculations and automation of processes. In our modern world, every person who works in the office should know this application, because without it, the operation can turn into a big headache! The simplest examples: you have two reports (yours and the branch’s) with dozens of thousands of lines, you have to compare and find deviations, with the help of this program it can be done within 10 minutes, and manually you need at least 1 day and there are thousands of similar examples.

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  • Then you are able to save the finished solution and continue to do it later or send it to your collaborator. This is where the first problems arise: This solution is not universal for all platforms, devices and even versions of the program itself! This is where excel to pdf converters, which are becoming extremely popular today, really come in handy. Why Portable Document Format? It is the format that does not depend on the selected operating system, electronic document viewer, or anything else. It is the same for every device. 

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  • So with any excel to pdf converter you could forget about additional applications forever and not worry about the appearance of your doc. To convert pdf into excel for free at eezzee.io you should open the web page with the appropriate transformation, select the necessary doc with a click (or by yourself, manually drag and drop the file into the input field), and the conversion will start in the same instant! As a result, your new excel as pdf file will be no different from the original one.

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