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🤓 How to convert excel in pdf file?

  • In addition to their great and useful functionality (calculations, data analysis, forecasting and creation of charts, tables and graphs), Excel files are often the target of viruses and malware. Cybercriminals exploit a vulnerability in the .xls format and have the ability to hide the worm in macros (small programs written for automating tasks), which are almost impossible to detect with today’s antivirus tools. After sending such a report to the email, you are able to download it by mistake and, when opening it, run the macro (this can also happen automatically), which may result in your operating system becoming infected. 

📌 Attention!

  • To avoid such problems, we recommend convert to pdf from excel, as this standart is currently the most secure and difficult to change. Yes, it lends itself to some adjustments, but only external ones, which have no effect on the structure of the document itself. In other words, after conversion excel into pdf, most objects (formulas, links, buttons) are not clickable. Roughly speaking, you will get a graphic representation (picture) of your work. 

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  • Another nice thing is that the transformed excel from pdf is static on any device, regardless of its model, platform or editor version. You have no fear of sharing it from different computers to print or to your colleagues by mail. It is for this purpose on our excel into pdf converter free page we have developed free integrations with Google Drive and DropBox (that is, after conversion excel to pdf you can submit the source to any of these services).

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