How to convert excel files into pdf

How to convert excel files into pdf

EXCEL to PDF ✔ Converting is simple. Online converter ✔
See how to create a PDF file from an Excel spreadsheet. Fast and smooth work. Free online excel pdf converter.

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🤓 How to convert excel files into pdf?

  • Have you heard about the new virus that has reached Microsoft Excel? Previously, Word was considered the least resistant to such attacks, and by now it has managed to acquire about 30 kinds of malicious objects. The culprit was named Laroux. As with Word-worms, its principle of operation is based on the presence of so-called macros: programs written in the Basic language. They contained in spreadsheets as well as in documents and, as it turned out, this programming malware built into Excel can also cause such problems.

📌 Attention!

  • Most often, infection occurs after downloading from an unverified source (it could even be a report from your colleague, who is unaware of it). But do not panic, because there are simple and effective methods to combat this disease. For example, convert to pdf from excel. After transforming into this extension, most of the workflow items become unclickable, that is, inactive, as a consequence, you no longer be able to run any dangerous process. Plus, after conversion excel to pdf, you do not have to worry about the integrity and security of your work. This standard is very difficult to modify (except for cosmetic changes, and not very willingly), which allows you to easily hide various calculations and formulas. But as a result, you get excel from pdf, which does not differ from the original.

🗜 Excel to PDF.

  • And using our pdf converter excel free you can switch several other popular office formats (Word and PowerPoint), and most importantly – without subscriptions and registration!

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