How to save an excel file into pdf

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🤓 How to save an excel file into pdf?

  • It’s no secret that the most popular standart in the world today is PDF. There are quite a few reasons for this, for one: 1) standardization and popularity: it opens on any devices with any operating system exactly as it was created; 2) security: the user is able to configure safety parameters for his file, for example, to prevent printing, to prohibit editing, to apply an electronic signature to determine the authenticity of the document, etc. 3) it takes up little space on the hard disk because it supports many compression algorithms;


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  • But besides all this it has a huge disadvantage: the impossibility to edit it. You cannot design, say, beautiful cells in Portable Document Format. But you don’t need to, because there are plenty of excel-pdf converter available nowadays. Feel free to generate the tables, reports, and calculations you need in your favorite editor, and then just convert excel into pdf for free. The process usually requires a fraction of seconds, after which you can easily save the unchanged doc to your PC or share it with your friends. For case in point, our pdf converter to excel for free offers you integrations with Google Drive or DropBox. In addition, you may make transformations on your computer as well as on your mobile phone or tablet for ease of use. 

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  • Also on our service you do not have to worry about the original appearance of your file, the new excel as pdf will not differ from the old version! We will be very happy to help you, so visit our pdf converter free excel more often.

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