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🤓 How to save excel as a pdf?

  • Excel Document and PDF are old rivals. The most commonly used type of information for working with documents is Excel Document (files with the extension .xls). This is the standard created with the program Microsoft Excel. Its popularity is entirely due to the popularity of this text processor. The history of this format began with the program Microsoft Excel, at that time an ordinary editor for the organizing large amounts of information into cells.

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  • Since then, each new release of Excel Document has brought with it a new version of the format, which although not by very much, has nevertheless differed from the previous one. And Microsoft did not care about backward compatibility. This means that a file created and formatted in the latest version of the editor Excel, in all previous editions, may look different. It is for this reason that most companies ask their employees to send finished files in pdf, because this way they can be opened and viewed on any device, regardless of its operating system or editor model. But the question arises: how can I download a test file in Portable Document format? Do I have to download additional programs? Install additional extensions? Everything is much easier! 

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