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Trouble with the Internet

  • What if it takes too long for a site to load? This is a familiar to everyone situation. For example, you want to watch a video on YouTube, a series on Netflix, listen to music online, scroll Instagram, Facebook, try to download or upload files, but you cannot, because pages do not load. It seems to continue endlessly. In our modern digitalized world that is a real problem that can lead to serious consequences. The worldwide web is now involved in a lot of processes. We cannot imagine working, studying, communicating, living without using the network. It is an integral part of our daily routine today. What should you do if the connection is poor? Try to locate the issue, then look for the solution. The first step is testing the Internet speed. This will show how quickly data is delivered from a server to a user and back. People frequently ask about one perfect index. It is impossible to define a good for everyone number. The speed depends on several factors including what you are using the Internet for (for various operations different speeds are needed), and how many devices are connected at once. More information here

Read how to check the quality of the connection

  • To find out what the speed of the connection is, apply the Eezzee.io service. It is available online, for free, without registration. No personal accounts. It will take you a few clicks. Make sure VPN is off. Hit “Start” and wait a moment. After you get the result, you can export it as an image is necessary. Read more
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We provide you with the best platform

  • Eezzee.io is a service with numerous advantages. It has an elegant and easy-to-use interface. The platform functions seamlessly regardless of the device you are using it on. It is not only about speed testing – identify the IP address, country, provider as well. Check with any of the provided servers. This is very convenient. Customers are satisfied. Follow the link

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