Speed my test internet

What if the connection is bad?

  • A poor Internet connection is a common problem everyone has faced. Websites are loading too slowly, you cannot download or upload files, watch videos on YouTube or series on Netflix, listen to music online, or even scroll Instagram or Facebook. Today, in our modern digitalized world, where the network is an integral part of a lot of operations, it is quite serious. It can interrupt important working or educational processes. Additionally, we need the world wide web for simple communication. What should you do when the connection is bad or totally lost? The first step is to test Internet speed. This you can quickly do yourself. After that, call your provider. Consider, that the speed depends on how many users are connected to the network simultaneously. It is a frequently asked question whether there is a perfect index. It is impossible to define one good for everyone number. For various operations different speeds are necessary. The more Mbps, the better the connection. To use the platform click here

How to check the quality of the connection?

  • Apply the Eeezzee.io service and run an online Internet speed test. It is easy and quick. Check in a few clicks. What is the process like? First, make sure VPN is off. Then open the page, hit “Start”, and wait up to a minute until you get the results, which can be saved as an image afterward. There are no difficulties! Read more
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What benefits does this platform provide?

  • We did our best to provide customers with the most convenient service for checking the quality of the connection. There is a variety of advantages. Test online, for free, without registration. No personal accounts are needed. Open the platform on a computer or on mobile devices. Identify the Ip, country, provider by using this tool. Eeezzee.io supports 4 servers: Asian, European, North American, a database server where results of the recent test are stored. Follow this link

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