Several Images to One PDF

Here’s an interesting piece of information: the PNG format was initially developed in 1996, which means it’s been around for 25 years! This established format provides storage of graphical information without loss of quality, as it uses the compression algorithm of the original image without compromising its quality. But this extension has one drawback – you cannot combine PNG or JPG images into one long continuous image. However, they can be combined into one PDF document. Thanks to our convenient converter, you can swap photos and images, delete them and add new ones. The conversion process will take place on your device. More information here

Therefore, it is better not to select files larger than 10 MB, as we do not know how much information your smartphone or computer can process. To prevent the cropping of the converted image during printing, we add white padding on all sides. To adjust the size of the image, the degree of compression can vary. But this is no reason to worry! The compression ratio affects only the loading and decoding speed of the image and does not affect its quality. Image size and orientation also do not change during conversion. More on our social networks facebook

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