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Have you had a poor Internet connection?

  • Slow loading is a common problem that everyone has faced. It happens often unexpectedly. You know what it is like when you need to download or upload a file, watch a video on YouTube, listen to music online, or just scroll Instagram or Facebook, but you cannot because pages do not load. It seems to take an eternity. Today, when the world wide web is an integral part of daily routine, it may cause serious trouble. A poor connection can interrupt the working or educational process. Nowadays we do need the Internet for simple communication. When it does not work, begin with the identification of the issue, and then try to solve it. Before contacting your provider, conduct an internet speed test. You can find more information here

Find out how to test the Internet speed

  • How is this checking carried out? For this, make use of the service for testing the quality of connection. First, let us clarify what the speed shows and what it should be. This indicates how fast data is transferred from a server to a customer and vice versa. People often ask whether there is a perfect index. It is impossible to determine one number since it depends on what you are using the network for. The speed depends on the total amount of simultaneously connected devices. The speed is measured in megabits per second. The higher the number of Mbps, the better the connection. To check the speed, turn off BPN in case it is on, open the site, click “Start”, and wait up to a minute. Once you get the result, you can save it as an image. Know more
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Why should you choose this platform?

  • This platform has numerous advantages. It is available for free. users can perform multiple tests without registration. There are no personal accounts. can be opened either on a computer or on various mobile devices. The interface is easy to use. We make it as convenient as possible for our clients. Testing speed is quick and very simple! For this, follow the link

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