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Poor Internet connection is a common problem

  • Today we live in a highly digitalized world, where innovative technologies have become an integral part of daily routine. They are necessary for a lot of processes. Now we can not imagine living, working, studying, even communicating without using new gadgets and the world wide web. We need to have access to the Internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If the Internet stops functioning, numerous operations stop too. We start panicking. Such a problem comes up unexpectedly. Poor Internet connection is an irritating thing, but often we can solve this problem easily. First, locate the issue. Before contacting your provider, test Internet speed. This is the simplest operation you can do yourself. Click here

How can you check the speed of the Internet?

  • Before you find out how to check the speed, it is important to understand what this speed shows. This indicates how quickly data is delivered from a server to a client and vice versa. We measure speed in Mbps. A popular question is whether there is a perfect index of speed that works well for everyone. The answer is no. It is impossible to define one number, as for different operations you need different speeds (watching Netflix, YouTube, listening to music online, uploading or downloading files, scrolling Instagram and Facebook). The quality of the connection depends on how many devices are connected simultaneously. In general, the bigger the number, the better the connection. To test the Internet, make sure VPN is off, click “Start”, and wait up to a minute. There are no difficulties with the service for testing Internet speed. Read more
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What are the advantages?

  • This platform has numerous benefits. It is available for free. Users can perform multiple tests without registration. The tool is easy to use. It operates seamlessly on a computer and on a mobile device. Apart from checking the speed of the network, you also can identify the Ip, country, and provider. There are 4 supported servers: Asian, European, North American, and a server for the database. Check with any of them. We do our best to provide customers with the most convenient service. In order to use it, follow the link

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