Microsoft office files to pdf – article Sometimes you need to view important Microsoft Office documents or send them to someone, but there are no available tools to open them. Use our converter and modify them to PDF files from Excel, Word, and PowerPoint formats. Due to the fact that PDF files are so flexible, the information they contain can be easily viewed by many operating systems and devices. Save documents locally or remotely (Dropbox and Google Drive) as needed. You can find more information here

Our complimentary file converter runs on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. To transform a file you only need a basic Internet connection. Convert your Microsoft Office documents to PDF format in just a few clicks. Select the required document locally and drag it to the file selection field. Simply click the “Start over” button, if you want to select another document. You can download the files after the conversion is complete. Files will be automatically deleted from our server to ensure information privacy. More on our social networks facebook


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