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Does a website load too slowly?

  • Everyone has faced problems with poor internet connection. Today, when the world is digitalized, and technology has become an integral part of our daily routine, it may cause serious trouble. A slow connection may interrupt the working or studying process. We need the worldwide web literally 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When it stops functioning, we start panicking. First, locate the issue, and then try to find a solution. Begin with testing internet speed. More information in detail is here

How to test online my Internet speed?

  • What does the speed show and how can you check it? For this, apply the platform. Test internet speed before contacting your provider. This is a common problem everyone often experiences. This shows how quickly data is transferred from a server to a user and vice versa. People frequently ask whether there is a perfect speed index. There is no one definite number. It depends on various external factors. For example, the speed varies according to the total amount of simultaneously connected devices and to what you are using the network for (listening to music online, watching a show on Netflix, downloading or uploading large files). Check the quality of connection via Wi-Fi router or the quality of mobile Internet. The process is fast. It will take up to a minute to get the results. In case VPN is on, turn it off, open the page, click “Start”, and wait a few seconds. You can save the results as an image. Find out more
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Why should you choose

  • We have created a platform with numerous benefits. It is available for free and without registration. The interface is elegant and easy to use. You can open the page on a computer and on mobile devices. Apart from testing the connection, users are able to identify the IP, provider, and country. There are 4 supported servers: Asian, European, North American, and a database server that contains recent results. Convenience is our priority. We provide customers with the best service for testing Internet speed. Follow the link

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